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Objectives, Beliefs


  • To build up the institutions of the poor and disadvantaged people for sustainable development.
  • To provide skill and human development training in order to develop human potentials of the target population.
  • To carryout mass literacy program for illiterate women, adolescent and children.
  • To development the environment through social forestry and nursery program.
  • To create job opportunities in the rural areas by providing     small credit.
  • To integrate the women in national development processes and to reduce gender inequality from the society.
  • To undertake health services with a view to mitigating health and nutritional problems.
  • To capacitate the target people through arranging seminar, symposium, meeting on different issues for enriching their critical knowledge.
  • To encourage the poor community to enhance their rights from where they obtain.


DESHA Beliefs

  • The lives of human beings are of equal value.
  • In a world riches and poverty is an injustice, it must be eradicated.
  • Poverty makes people more vulnerable to conflict and natural calamity; much of this suffering can be prevented and must be relieved. People’s vulnerability to poverty and suffering is increased by unequal power relation based on, for example, gender, race, class, caste and disability; women, who make up a majority of the worlds poor, are especially disadvantaged.
  • Working together we can build up a just and safer world, in which people take control over their own lives and enjoy their basic rights.
  • To overcome poverty and suffering involves changing unjust policies and practices, nationally as well as working closely with people in poverty.