DESHA is a Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization established in the year of 1986 by some local development workers for the socio-economic upliftment of the poor and landless people of the area. The Organization since its inception has been working for institutions building of the poor with special emphasis on distressed women, girls and disadvantaged children. Main thrust of DESHA’s program is to organize the rural poor men and women into groups in order to enable them to manage and control for themselves, identify their problems and also find out solutions as assertive population.

The socio-economic situation of DESHA’s working area is very backward, endless poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, illiteracy, absence of major population from social decision making process and resource constraints are some major problems in the area. There exist great inequalities in the land, income distribution, education and control over production resources among the poor and rich.

Women constitute half of the total population of poorer section are underprivileged, illiterate, ignorant much more than their male counterpart. Prejudices and lack of training, consciousness, and income-earning opportunities have made them dependent on others. Women have a little scope of earning independently though they have potentialities to do income generation activities. With this socio-economic reality of the area DESHA started functioning in the year 1986 with some committed social workers and development leaders to facilitate the target people towards sustainable development and social transformation.


Legal Status of DESHA

Name of Registration Authority

Registration Number


Department of Social Service

Kushtia 67/89

June 27, 1989

NGO Affairs Bureau


Nov 29, 2000

Office of the Deputy Income Tax Commissioner, Khulna


Sept 12, 2007

Microcredit Regulatory Authority


Feb 07, 2008