DESHA Community Hospital

Moved by the health sufferings of the poor people and viewed the limited scope of health services opportunities for them, DESHA had been exploring the possibility of establishing community hospital at the village level, to ensure availability of medical services at the door step of the poor people.


Location and area coverage

The DESHA community hospital is located at Moshan, some 9 km. to the north-west of Kushtia district town and 6 km. to the east of Mirpur upazila town. It is situated by the side of Kushtia-Mirpur Highway. Primarily it will serve about forty thousand people of Baruipara Union, but people of surrounding unions will also receive services of the hospital when it gets fully and adequately equipped.


Health Services up to December 2012



No. Of Patient


Out Door Service



Health Camp



Eye Camp





Objectives of the Community Hospital

The broad objective of the DESHA Community Hospital (DCH) is to provide health and medical services to the poor people of Baruipara union and surrounding areas.



The specific objectives of DCH, however, are as follows

  1. To examine general patients at the out patients department (OPD) and give prescriptions and advices for treatment of patient-specific diseases.
  2. To provide emergency services to the patients needing immediate medical attention such as respiratory irregularities, especially the trauma victims.
  3. To admit patients who need intensive care, observation and treatment from doctors and nurses.
  4. To ensure maternity and child health care services to the pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and their children.
  5. To hold periodic health camps, especially the eye and the heart diseases treatment camps, with the renowned surgeons of the country.


Expected outcome/results

On fulfillment of the above objectives of DCH, the expected outcomes are as follows.

  1. Reduced morbidity and mortality rates in the area.
  2. Reduced neo-natal and post-natal deaths of mothers and infants.
  3. Improved health and hygiene conditions of the people.
  4. Raised awareness of people on good health and hygienic measures.